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Living Life Out Loud... The Trainer Family


Hi & Welcome! I hope you enjoy my Blogs, Views, Quotes, Favorite photos & Videos of life as I see it, Live it & Try to Get It Right. 
Whether it's marriage, motherhood,weightloss, typical home/family issues or basically anything.

'Normal' Family life is quite an experience all in itself as most of us already know. I have discovered though that there is nothing else in the world like the experience of having a 'blended' family! Lives change forever as each challenge is faced. There are so many "WOW" moments to be had for sure.

Although some friends and family considered my husband and I rather crazy for venturing into this new life, we have overcome the many obstacles of our beginning and continue to face new ones as they land in our laps. Combining six unique children ages 7 to 29 has been no easy task. Then stir in their significant others and grandchildren just to add to the mix. Want even more excitement? Let's add in a bit more drama by stating there is quite an age difference between my husband and I of around twelve years. I also work from home in Health Care, which involves taking care of the developmentally disabled in my home 24/7.

Our life is like no other, but our love and marriage are strong. Smiles, laughter, tears, fears and PLENTY of drama, but lots of love and caring as we venture through our world together hand in hand. We learn life's lessons of how to be there for each other in crisis, learn from each other and also discover strengths or weaknesses in ourselves as a couple, parents and a family.


Stacy ( AKA- The Mom ) 


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